Update 1.0.61590 -- Stuck in "Searching..." and Can't Enter Game

Anyone else having this problem? I’m using a Cycleops PowerBeam Pro with Ant+, connecting via Garmin Ant+ USB dongle, and running Zwift on Windows 10. I haven’t ridden in a couple weeks, but was having no problems with Zwift prior to this evening. When I went to ride tonight, the 1.0.61590 update was automatically installed. Now, I can’t make it past the “Searching…” window on the Paired Devices screen. I can see that all of my devices are successfully connected, as shown below:

…but when I click “OK” to enter the game, a window pops and and goes into persistent “Searching…” mode with no resolution, as below:

My understanding is that this most recent update was designed to address several issues, but seems to have created some in the process. I’ve tried all the usual (reboot, power-off/power-on devices, etc.). Any ideas?

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Press escape and you will return to the menu, I have seen this happen before.

Thanks, Gerrie. I just found something of an inadvertent solution, which was to shut down my iPhone (which was running the Zwift Companion app). I noticed that when the game wasn’t running on my laptop, the Zwift Companion app on my iPhone would show the app home screen as per normal – I could see my live feed, past workouts, friends’ workouts, etc. But when the game was running on my laptop, the Zwift Companion app on my phone would just hang on a screen that said “Loading Map…,” similar to the “Searching…” window on my laptop. In any case, I discovered that if I powered off my iPhone, the game would load as normal and I could ride.

So, it seems there might be something up with the communication between the Zwift Companion app and Zwift for PC. (For the record, I connect the companion app to my PC via WiFi network, not Bluetooth). It’s my understanding that the newest patch targeted some things with the iOS app, too, so maybe there’s something going on there.

In any case, I’ll also give your method a try and see if that has any effect. Thanks again.

I used Zwift yesterday, I am on 1.0.61590, and I had no problems connecting or proceeding to the next step. I cannot recall if there were any issues right after update. If it was the update which added steering to Kickr Bike, my son and I did fiddle with the connections to connect to BT to be able to test steering.

My first step, if I was in your situation, would be to try to un-pair your sensors and pair them back.

This happens to me as well on two different Win10 computers. Very frustrating.

Same here this morning, it all worked fine yesterday, can’t even skip pairing, it just throws up the ‘Pairing’ screen :frowning:

Pressing escape does remove the Pairing box, but then again you can not move forward without the box coming back up

When paired, don’t press the ‘OK’ button, just let it TIME OUT and then it moves forward into the ride screen :slight_smile:

Hi @Scott_Badham welcome to Zwift forums.

Thanks for taking time to add a screenshot and describe the issue clearly. I’ve stated a trouble ticket so we can reproduce & troubleshoot.

Thanks, Shuji. For the record, I was able to ride tonight and had full capabilities with the Zwift Companion app. Not sure what the issue was last evening, but it seems to have sorted itself out. Thanks for all the helpful input, everyone.

For info, pressing Esc also advances past the pairing screen as a whole. So if you get stuck again, just keep pressing it.

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I have just had exactly the same. My set up is a WattbikePro, iPad and Polar HRM. I was paired fine and sat in a start pen. Unpaired to allow me to keep pedalling for the start delay and then was unable to renter the race as it got stuck on the pairing page with the ‘Searching…’ window up despite being paired. I had to exit Zwift completely and restart. It then worked fine when I tried again but unfortunately my TTT team had gone and I couldn’t get back onto the race :woman_shrugging:t3:

Same thing happened to me this morning. Win10, fully updated laptop. No problem pairing to magnus or stages pm with ant+ or bluetooth but I was stuck with the “Searching” box until I found this thread. I missed a club meetup because of it.

Why so buggy, Zwift?

I get this same problem the past couple of weeks intermittently, on two different MacBook Pro’s with BigSur 11.2.x. Zwift even installed an update this morning, but didn’t address this issue. For me, killing off Zwift and restarting it seems to fix the issue (or maybe it’s starting it with power already on to my cycling devices…usually I wait until after Zwift is running before I power that stuff on).

I was pulling my hair out with this issue. Updated Apple TV os, restarted every device possible. I saw an earlier post about killing zwift app on iPad which I’ve never used for actual riding, just to take a screenshot and everything magically worked.

I had the same issue on Mac OS, my first time using the Wahoo Sidekick. What was holding it back from continuing past the connections setup screen was the Heartrate was not connected. I was planning to ride without heartrate. I brought up the Zwift companion app on my iPhone and by chance I noticed on my Apple Watch that the Zwift app was open and active – the heart rate sensor connected and I was able to continue to the ride. Game version 1.0.85684 Launcher version 1.0.25

I’ve had this happen a couple of times. Including after the Dec '21 update.
I quit Zwift and relaunched. It worked correctly on 2nd launch.