Upcoming Events aren't Consistent

(David Miratsky KISS (D)) #1

I’m not seeing the same upcoming events on my PC interface as my Mobile.  Also, the few events that are listed are showing that they start in 10 hrs  But then, if you join one, it says that it’s ongoing.  Also, I signed up for an event on my Mobile, but the PC did not recognize it, so I ended up missing the race.

(Jason K) #2

The good news is that these are mostly issues that can be corrected.

1: If by PC interface, you mean the website, then that’s a known issue. It doesn’t update like it should, and we’re working on fixing that.

  1. If you sign up for an event via the mobile link after you’ve loaded the game, you won’t be able to join. This is a design limitation right now, so make sure you sign up before you load the game or join via the game’s event UI.

Hope this helps!