Unrealistic graphics

It doesn’t really limit the driving fun.

hi @Simon_Held, welcome to the forums. Looks like you have steering paired, did you try moving the avatar or unpairing the steering device since you are just doing a workout anyway?

Thank you for your quick response. By steering it is possible to drive on the edge. On some routes even over the center line.

Yes, in some areas you can go off the road or over the center line. Zwift has been making improvements to this in certain areas to fix where you can steer right off the road, but clearly haven’t found all the spots where this happens yet.

That looks like how some people I know ride IRL. So, realistic.


That’s me if I’m on my gravel bike – I can go anywhere!

That should be one fix fits all - suppose street width dominates riding range and graphical designers did not ignore either.