I’m trying really hard to appreciate the buzz and push to embrace Zwift, but so far: the app doesn’t work on the platforms they say; tech support is so far silent; the web site has basic programming errors (buttons not wired to the correct methods); and the software doesn’t work well with a well respected trainer.

What am I missing? Should I be looking for technical support from someplace other than the “Support” links on the zwift site?

What problems do you have?

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  1. App doesn’t run on Windows 7 machine (with all the min. requirements listed).
  2. Going to zwift com site, under support. Select button for Chat – calls up chat. Select button for Email. Calls up chat. Bad link in code.
  3. Running Zwift on an iPhone with Elite Suito trainer, it does not sync correctly.

There may be other issues, but these are making it difficult to evaluate the software.

Sorry, but it’s been frustrating trying for hours to get Zwift to run on the computer. The tech support documentation is slim. But thanks for asking what the problems are.

Do you pair the trainer as power and controllable?

Don’t pair the trainer with the phone software only pair with zwift. Go into the phone settings and forget the trainer in blue tooth settings.

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Nicholas, There are really knowledgeable people here who are here to help you get going. It really helps for you to provide as much detail as possible. For example you are using windows 7 ( you know you should be up to 10 but that is a different issue :joy:) are you using Bluetooth or ANT+?
What trainer are you using and what is the exact process you use to try to connect?
As Gerrie says you need to rely on Zwift to make the connection so don’t try and connect your trainer to your device first. Also make sure that if you are using Bluetooth your trainer is not connecting to something else like a headunit before Zwift can grab it. ANT+ is usually much better when using a PC.
Anyway, ask away but please be as specific as you can.

Windows 7 is no longer a supported OS by MS, I would suggest upgrading to Win10.

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Are you sure it’s the 64 bit version of Windows 7 you have?

Seems Zwift no longer supports getting in touch with support directly.

They have implemented some first- and second- line defences, in what seems like an effort to reduced support team load.

That button you mention is simply a deluxe of bygone era when support was more directly approachable.

They do answers, eventually, tough…