Unreliable Zwift mobile link

Hi there, 

I just received my new Tacx Neo Smart trainer, and wanted to test it with a more appealing application than what would come with the Tacx box. I used Zwift mobile link application to connect to Tacx via bluetooth, and ran the Zwift on a Win desktop computer. Both devices are in the same home wifi  domain. The connecting to trainer itself is slow. Once the Tacx trainer connection was established it would normally drop after 5-10 minutes when I used my Sony android mobile phone. I tested it with the Apple IPhone as well, and there the connection is lost even sooner. With the android phone it is necessary to reboot the phone to enable further connecting! Even before this the transmitted power values are sometimes very oscillating, and cadence is often not given. I triplechecked the trainer by running the mobile phone Tacx app, and all is stable there and after immediate bluetooth connection.

So my Zwift evaluation so far was very much frustrating. I ordered the ANT+ transceiver by Tacx to overcome this, and I should have it in a week. I will definitely not go for any monthly subscription before I successfully evaluated the functionality. 

Is there a good technical reason for the Zwift win desktop SW does not support Bluetooth?



Hi Matija,

Quick question, did you go through the BLE steps as outlined here? https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/206576683-Pairing-to-Zwift-with-Bluetooth-LE-BLE-

And is the WiFi connection on your phones fast and stable?


I’m having more or less the same problem.
I received my brand new Tacx Flow last week.and I also bought a brand new Lenovo Idepad. I have installed and downloaded the ZML on my Sony Experia Z3+ running latest Version of Android.

I successfully paired my trainer with the mobile using BLE and following the steps. There is no problem setting up the link.

Three times now the ZML app moves to the Home screen some 20 to 40 minutes into a training session and the Power moves to Zero in the Zwift PC Application.

I have been using the mobile sucessfully using BLE previously with my Polar H7 heart rate sensor against both Endomondo app and the Polar Beat app - no problem at all.

How and where do I start troubleshooting?

My one week trial with Zwift is running out and I really don’t want to pay for a months Subscription if this trouble persist.


In a gist, the issues would go away if Zwift for PC supported the PC’s Bluetooth without going through a different device as sensor relay.