FIXED- Windows10/Tacx Flow Smart/ZML issues

I’m having trouble getting Zwift to run consistently with the above setup.

I have made sure my phone (Moto G4) and Laptop are on the same wifi, which is via a Netgear 2700 extender, and gets a strong signal.

I have read conflicting advice regarding what should be connected to what via BTLE or wifi. 

Sometimes it all works, I can start a ride, then power gets stuck and only cadence changes. Other times it takes forever to get the BTLE connections made, sometimes only 2 of 3 suceed.

I’ve used up my 7 days free trial so this might all be academic anyhow, it’s very frustrating so far.

Any advice welcome regarding the order to turn things on, what needs to connect via wifi and what via bluetooth etc…

I would suggest getting an ANT+ dongle and a USB extender to eliminate the need to use the ZML to bridge the BLE connection.

Thank you.

Is ANT+ more reliable than BTLE then?

Or is it more a case of getting a receiver closer to the Tacx trainer? I see Tacx sell their own one- which kind of confirms it might be needed.

It eliminates the need to use the ZML to bridge the BLE connection, so yes it’s more reliable.

Yes, getting the ANT+ dongle closer to the trainers power source will minimize dropouts.

You can buy the ANT+ dongle and the extension in the Zwift Store or an other retailer (a friend might have a spare that came with a Garmin watch a few years ago).

Now fixed.

What seems to work so far is:

Both Android phone and Laptop on the same WIFI network

Bluetooth on the phone only, paired to the tacx

What I didn’t understand was that the phone is acting as a Bluetooth-to-WIFI bridge.

 Edit: Now using an ANT (USB2) dongle on a long extension cable, which works well on a Garmin HRM as well as the Tacx. I’d recommend getting everything switched on before you change clothes, allowing it time to “settle” seems to make the various connections more reliable.