Under Armour HOVR Shoes losing connection

I have a pair of the Under Armour HOVR shoes that Zwift will pick up, initially. I’m able to start out with a Run and things seem to be on par with speed and such as my Treadmill (Treadmill is a dumb one, so no bluetooth or anything), but about 15+ or so minutes in I notice that Zwift stops receiving information and thinks I’m standing still, which of course I’m not. If I bring up the menu and unpair/pair the shoes again it’ll pick right back up and move along, for awhile. I’ve tried using Zwift on my OnePlus 7Pro (Android 11) phone and an older Android laptop and have seen the issue on both. I have the phone/tablet pretty close to me. I have used the MapMyRun app that pairs with the shoes and have never had a disconnect issue that I’ve ever noticed. So, seems like Zwift isn’t able to handle keeping Bluetooth connectivity very well. Is there anything I can do? I’m running the latest version of Zwift, phone/tablet is updated as much as possible, etc. I surely don’t want to have to be monitoring my device to unpair/pair again when it stops working, that’s not very useful. I was really hoping to get this working as I’d really like to use the App, but so far it’s not providing me with great reliablity, which is making it pretty useless.