Avatar is not moving Samsung S20+


I was enjoying zwift for a couple weeks. As a sudden, I started to feel very hard resistance and I decided to resinstall all app and reconfig everything ( Wahoo app, zwift app,…)
But now my avatar is not moving
Power is connected via Bluethooth (Core 6B4e 8). My phone is a Samsung S20+

Please help I am so desperate

Does Zwift say they you are connected to your trainer when you hot “let’s go”?
Does your trainer show up in the controllable box?
Can you pair your trainer with the Wahoo app?

Well, if you only started using Zwift, a reasonable question to ask is if you signed up for subscription and your first month has been paid? Normally, you have a trial period (which is either 7 or 14 days, I can’t remember), after which you move to a “free” mode in which you get only 25 km per month. If you are out of your monthly allowance, you will be able to login, but your avatar would not move.

The second possibility is that you might have connected your power sensor to the Wahoo app and forgot to disconnect it. It is very rare, especially with older bluetooth devices, that they can talk to two different applications at the same time. If it is connected to Wahoo app, it probably would not connect to Zwift, even if they run on the same device.

The third possibility, check if there is a newer version of firmware for your trainer. Small changes to communications protocols can mess up with the connectivity.

Thanks for the help

To asnwer your question.
1/yes I am properly registered to Zwift platform and has paid the first 2 months
2/I tried even to disintall the Wahoo app to make sure it is not interfering with Zwift. Reinstall Zwift also from scratch but didn’t work neither
3/I updated the firmware even though it hasn’t been that easy. Waiting and waiting for firmware updates …cancel the update play around different features to finally have my firmware updated.

I’ve been able to fix the issue though by switching to the ANT+ connection. Then my swift avatar seems working properly. Swith back Bluethooth connection and then not working.
So basically, I found a fix but not happy since it appears that BT connection is much more clean vs ANT+

Any advise how to get my BT working properly

So you Zwifting on your phone? Could be other BT devices like head phones, ear buds etc, are also connecting to your phone via BLE. Some BLE devices can cause an issue when Zwift is connected or trying to connect using BLE. Ant+ avoids this because typically only exercise equipment utilize it.

I don’t have a lot of stuff connected via BLE but I didn’t test it, though.
I will