Unable to pair with Ant+ Dongle after changing batteries; retained Green Jersey after logging off/on in a short time.

I was riding when I lost my Ant+ speed/cadence (from Zwift). I still had SRM wired speed and I was moving so I should have had Ant+ speed/cadence. I checked pick up alignment, decided to install a new battery, and still couldn’t pair the Ant+ speed/cadence with Zwift. No speed/cadence found. Tried this a few times. I went to the search screen from the “I’m done” screen, clicked on the icon on the right for sensors. I never stopped Zwift the whole time.

I finished my ride on Zwift to save it (it logged appropriately on Strava) in order to troubleshoot more. After the Zwift window closed I exited the Zwift app.

I unplugged the Ant+ dongle to check that, got the appropriate “No Ant+ Dongle found” or something like that. I tried to pair the sensor but Zwift/computer couldn’t find it. Tried this a few times.

Finally I restarted Zwift (Mac 10.7.5) and it immediately found the speed/cadence sensor.

I got back onto the island. The nice thing was that I had the green jersey when my speed/cadence sensor stopped working. After about 10-15 seconds on the island the second time, with the new battery in the speed/cadence sensor, the green jersey appeared on my back. I checked the leader boards (by clicking on any other rider) and my time from before was still there. I remember because it was a PR for me without using any assists.

The whole time I had Zwift running on my phone (Android). It paired up pretty quickly once I got going again.

Hi Aki,

The issue with pairing/re-pairing while in Zwift is known and being worked on, so I guess it’s behaving like expected right now (unfortunately). And your jersey times will stay relevant for one hour after you get them, whether you are logged in or not.

If you are in second place and the person in first doesn’t keep it and it times out, you will be the new leader until someone takes it from you. :slight_smile: