Pairing with ANT+ devices is lost when pausing the game [BUG]

I completed the 100km this past Saturday to obtain the special edition jersey. I paused the workout several times to refill water botles and to stretch and walk around. The first time, I came back and my HRM was no longer offering a reading. I stopped the game and hit the “paired devices” screen and noticed that the pairing to my HRM was gone. Re-paired it and continued on with my ride.

I stopped a couple of other times and no issues were noted. The next time, II stopped, I came back and my avatar did not want to move at all. Once again, I brought the “paired devices” screen and noticed that all of my devices (HRM, power, cadence, speed) had unpaired. Re-paired and my avatar started to move again (very scary, especially on a 100km attempt).

I have a theory that the unpairing may happen if there if I pause the workout for more than 10-15 minutes. I will try to test this again to see if this is the case.

I had the same issue over the last week. Sometimes when I pause I can’t get it to resume. I have since determined that apparently ANT+ pairing is lost, so the program doesn’t get the metrics to start up again. When I try to re-pair the devices it just doesn’r see them. Like other people have indicated, that leaves me no choice but to go through the whole restarting procedure.

In my case, the ANT+ pairing is lost, but I am able to re-pair the devices.

We have access to the “paired devices” and “customize” screens when the game is paused the the screen with the power/heart rate metrics and “I’m done” button comes up.

I’ve had my HR monitor unpair on me but re-pairing isn’t exactly practical as I’ve got to get off my bike, then go over to the computer, then look up the keyboard command to pull up the pairing screen, etc…

Hopefully auto-re-pairing can be improved or we can get that iOS app to have an easier time of forcing it to happen.

I have the same issue when pausing too long or walking out of range of the ant+ stick with my HR sensor and with power/speed/cadence. Also, why doesn’t the program save your sensor data from ride to ride? I always have to search for them over again. It would be great if the program locked them in until you tell it to unpair or search for another sensor.

I have the same problem with a Tacx Bushido, if I stop peddling or pause the route I lose the ANT+ pairing from everything and can’t get going again … I have to restart the PC!

Same problem here. I can repair the devices but as soon as I go back to the ride they unpair.

If you’re inactive for a period of time (as defined by the sensor), it will automatically turn off an go into power saving mode. Since it’s essentially turning off, you may be able to resume and see it recognized, but you may also have to pair it to Zwift again.

From what I understand, this is simply the nature of these sensors, so there’s nothing to be done about it from our side.

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