Unable to open Zwift app on device or game on computer / ZL01

Hi folks - I zwifted happily on Wednesday the 11th, but now on Thursday the 12th, 5:00am… I’m unable to open either the Zwift game on my Windows laptop, or the app on my apple mobile device.
I’m sometimes getting error code ZL01 when I try to open the game on my laptop, but other times getting a different message (“unable to connect to the remote server. A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time”)
I’m in Canada.
I think my laptop ran a Windows update yesterday after I zwifted, but even if that was an issue, that wouldn’t explain the separate / simultaneous problem of the app not loading on my apple device.
the internet is working fine on both of these devices (and others) otherwise.

First thing to try would be rebooting your network equipment (cable modem, router, etc).

Hi Paul - thank you for this. That seems to have worked for the Zwift app on my device. I won’t get a chance to test the game on my laptop before I leave the house this morning, but hopefully that was all it was.
Weird that the internet would be working fine for everything else except Zwift!