Unable to connect to Tacx Genius with iphone

Hi. New to Zwift! Tacx App connects to Tacx Genius trainer but would prefer to use Zwift App. However Zwift App does not connect to Tacx Genius! Is it the iPhone7? Is it the App? Is there a recent update to the Zwift App? Please provide feedback, knowledge, and direction?

Make sure you completely close the Tacx App and make sure the trainer is not connected to the iPhone since Bluetooth only allows one connection to any device or app at a time.

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Thanks for replying, Paul! Yes…all no other Apps or bluetooth devices were connected. I even disconnected my Wahoo cadence and speed devices. Any other thoughts? Regards!

Did you check to see if it is connected to your iPhone. Go to Settings>Bluetooth, Click on the trainer and Click on Forget This Device.

My guess is the trainer is still connected to some other app or device via Bluetooth. The trainer should ONLY connect to Zwift on the Pairing Screen.

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Uber important tip! I think most just ensure the Bluetooth antenna is turned on under Settings. Instead they need too also ensure the Bluetooth option under the App is ALSO swiped on. I did this and I had instant Bluetooth connection. Thank you Paul for spurring me to look deeper!

Zwift, Please include this step in your instructions!?