Two Zwift set ups, 4 riders in my house. How many subscriptions do I need?

I have a single Zwift setup and single subscription right now, supporting 3 riders. Each has their own account that loads to their own Strava accounts. I plan to add another trainer / Zwift set up right next to the one I have today, and add another rider to the household. Can I have 4 rider accounts on my single subscription? Can we ride together, logged in through different accounts on the same subscription? Does everyone need their own subscription? I see the words “subscription”, “account” and “membership” all used interchangeably and I know I can have multiple accounts on my single subscription. I’m confused, however, as to what we need to ride together with two setups. I hope we don’t need to buy 4 subscriptions for two Zwift setups in a single house! Thanks for any help!

Four subscriptions, unless any are under 16 years of age (those are free).

Thanks for the quick reply. This is a non-starter. I could understand a subscription per trainer, so that they could log in simultaneously, but I don’t understand 4 individual subscriptions. Are families really doing this, or are they just getting a Peloton bike? My family would prefer that anyway.

Zwift, you are missing an opportunity!

Read this: Family and Child Plan Request

All he really needs to read is this bit:

I figured I wasn’t the first to request - thanks for the direction. Obviously a missed opportunity for Zwift. Regards