Two suggestions after first ride

Don’t know if this is the right place to post suggestions and feedback, so point me in the right direction if needed…

When you’re doing a timed segment, the “time to beat” message is overlapping the message that indicates a rider is x meters behind you. Would be nice if both messages could be displayed at the same time, one above the other.

When a timed segment takes longer than a minute, I would suggest showing minutes:seconds in stead of 60+ second numberts in the timer. So 1:20, not 80 seconds.

For the rest, I must say I had a great first ride. Lots of fun and I even held the green jersey for a really short period :slight_smile: Great potential in this, guys. Keep up the good work !

Hi Dieter,

Thanks for your feedback! We’re already aware of issue #1 (we just added in the time to beat to see if it worked and to see if people liked it) and will having a fix for it soon.

As for the second one, we’ll definitely think about it. Does anyone else have any thoughts?