Two ideas

Hello all.
I have two ideas that might help/work.

First one is easy.
Local time to be displayed on the HUD whilst in game.
There is room for a clock face to be positioned on the opposite side to where the power up circle is situated.

The second one is in relation to the Companion App.
As we have agreed on other posts, I am a complete dunce.
I’m trying to get better in using the App to find events.
Just now, I’ve searched up until next Friday and entered the races I don’t want to miss.
Mass starts are ok because we all have the same start time and this can’t be moved.
However, the TT races are different. I can’t enter them now as I will be the first rider off.
This might work for me sometimes but usually, I want to be as far down the starting line up as possible so that I’m not rushing about in real life to get ready.
Starting down the order can be a much as 15 minutes later in popular events and that makes a massive difference for me when getting in from work or whatever.

So I’m suggesting a reminder option.
Instead of finding the race and clicking ‘enter’ which then puts you into a start time, could there be a ‘reminder’ button?
Click it and you get a reminder before the event and then you can decide when or if you want to enter.

You get a reminder option if you sign up via the companion app in IOS…

There’s a reminder option on Android too. It’s been broken for months, so it doesn’t pop up like that and you have to add the reminder manually.

Told you, Apple just works :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :rofl:


This isn’t really what the OP was asking for, they would like a reminder to sign up, not a reminder that it starts in 30 minutes after already signing up.

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Thanks for reading and replying, lads but maybe I wasn’t clear in my pitch.

Let’s say that I search through the coming weeks events and I see a TT that takes place in five days time.

I would like to enter this TT but if I enter it today, I will be the first off the start line on Friday.
I can’t do that as I need to get home and ready for it.
If I could enter late, my start time is later and this gives me vital minutes to get ready.

But as the event is five days away, i forget about it.

If I could highlight an upcoming event and get a reminder beforehand without actually entering, job done.

I can then see how many riders are in front of me, have a good idea of what my start time will be and decide whether I can make it back home and get ready in time.

That’s exactly what I was trying to say, @Mike_Rowe1
You are far more eloquent than wot I is.

This isn’t exactly the solution you are looking for, but might provide a sort of workaround: I, too, do not like to be the first off the line. I don’t generally catch many people (if any), but it’s nice to at least have someone to chase. So, I have sometimes signed up for the event (even if this means getting assigned that ‘top of the hour’ starting slot) so that the event shows up in my list. Then, when the event gets close, I will cancel my sign up, and then sign up again. Most of the time I will get a different time, but not always. Might be worth a shot for you, though. Alternatively, perhaps just put a reminder in your phone to sign up at a certain date and time.


Or just sign up for the event and tick the box to add it to your calendar, then edit the calendar entry. That way you can add a reminder much earlier than the 60mins maximum offered by the app, or edit the name etc.

In fact if you edit the calendar entry, cancelling the signup doesn’t delete it (as it does normally).

So the workaround is:

  1. Find event.
  2. Join, ensuring the ‘add to calendar’ option is selected.
  3. Edit the calendar entry as appropriate - add/change reminders etc.
  4. Leave the event.

You then have a reminder to sign up (with a link to the event), as early as you want. But you’re not actually in it.

Sign up to the event, get notification event starts in 1 hour - Sign out of the event & back into the event to get later starting time…

Yeah, I’ve tried that method in the past but I always returned to the original, usually first off start position.

The other solutions don’t work but I really appreciate the input, thanks everyone.

How I envisage a solution is this.
In the current CA, you can find a future event and enter it.
Once you have done that, when you are back on your home page, that event is listed first and has a green tick saying that you are going.

If we could search for an event, find it and then have an option to tick an ‘interested’ icon. Instead of the + symbol, entering you into the event, maybe a question mark indicating your interest.

Then back on the home screen, that event also appears towards the top of the events list and instead of a green tick, it has a blue question mark, for example meaning I haven’t entered the TT yet but I am considering it and hopefully have some influence on my start time.

In what way?

Because, in the past when I’ve entered a TT, removed myself and then entered the same event again, I always get my early start time and original position.

A reminder in the app.
A “Phill, you forgetful muppet, you are interested in this event, have a look at the start sheet!” option is what’s needed.

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If someone entered between you leaving and reentering, you’d have had a different start time.

@James_Zwift: regarding EVENT start times (as opposed to individual start times for a specific event), is there any chance to ‘mix up’ the start times for ‘Zwift Time Trial Tuesday’? Presently the times available to me (MDT) for these events are:

Midnight: Sleeping
4am: Sleeping
8am: Work
Noon: Work
4pm: Work
8pm: Too late, winding down for bed

When we move to MST for the winter it’s really not much better, though 7pm can sometimes be an option. It would be nice (at least for me) if the times could advance by an hour each week, or something along those lines, so that every so often there would be an event a 6am or 6pm, for example. Or, alternatively, perhaps just make events every 2 hours. Thoughts?

On this, I’ve always thought they should have a day long TT event but you would need to be able to select your start time…

You race against the entire days efforts, you pick when you want to start and go off the grid or just having a rolling grid and you enter when your ready.

Scoreboards are then set for the day.

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Hello James,
Not that I’ve found in the past but I also haven’t tried it recently as I just expected the same outcome.

I’ll try it again but can’t say when as my work rota is changing and I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing until they call me the day before.

As long as there have been entries between your leaving the event and rejoining, it should impact your starting position.

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If you’re using the companion app i’m not too sure why you’d need to display the time on the screen, just more stuff to clutter it with.