Two ideas

So have an option to have local time displayed or not.
Personally, I would like it or the alternative approach as Zwift seems to be completely against making their subscription platform user friendly is for me to pop down to the shops and buy a clock I hang on to the wall.

With regards to the ‘interested’ or ‘reminder’ option, I’ll just enter anything that catches my eye and if when the time comes, I miss the event by 10 minutes, so be it.

I’ll just explore the great outdoors instead and go looking for my dummy.

I fully support HUD customisation but that has been asked for for as long as I can remember and all they did was give you the option to remove everything!

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Not that it matters, the Android app does display time (and battery %) on top. It’s tiny, but it’s there.


Yeah, I have seen that and wondered if I was missing something when playing on my PC.

I’ve bought an extra clock now and will bill as a business expense or I’ll deduct it from my next monthly subscription.

I know you would like option to include a local time clock and that you have now bought a clock. However if you don’t mind riding in windowed mode there are plenty of downloadable clocks you can add or just watch the taskbar clock.

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