Switch off event reminder/automatic jump to event-function while zwifting

(Chris Larese) #1

Don’t know about the other zwift users, but I like to schedule my daily workout plans to finish a workout a few minutes right before a gourp ride, on which I’m participating (like the 5 New York stages currently).

But it’s very annyoing to get an event reminder every 2 minutes on the companion app for half an hour! And even more annoying that around 10 minutes prior to the event start there is an “auomatically jump to the event” countdown which I have to cancel within 30 seconds. When I’m doing my 4week FTP booster and I’m, let’s say, on a 175%FTP sprint it’s really hard to reach for the computer mouse, find a surface where it works on and click the “No Thanks” button, while holding 175%FTP from my workout plan.

The countdown on the bottom left of the screen is pretty much reminder enough, imho. And an event reminder on the companion app starting like 10 minutes before would be enough as well, when I AM currently zwifting. I dont want to press that “Not yet” button every 2 minutes for half an hour with my sweaty hands.

Is there a way to switch that off? Especially the automatic “jump to event” function is very annoying!

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #2

I find the constant reminders annoying as well. I think that if you click the X at the top right of the pop-up window on Companion, that stops them…? I tried that this morning and don’t remember seeing another one pop-up.

Maybe just one “last minute” reminder on the main computer screen with an automatic count down at One Minute until the event starts would be enough - just so we don’t miss the start by accident, or sweaty hands, or lack of a suitable mouse surface.