Third option in Event Reminder in Companion App

(Ben) #1

I do often warmups before an event which I already locked in and I see the countdown in the left corner of the main screen.
And now every 2 minutes the reminder in companion app pops up and the only 2 choices I have is Join Event and Not Yet. Why not a third choice “Don’t remind me again”?
If I click Not Yet (or the X), after 2 minutes the reminder pops up again.
In a 30 min warmup thats a lot of clicks.
I see the countdown in the main screen, I don’t need a reminder in companion.

(S) #2

If you close the reminder by clicking the X I believe it doesn’t return.

(Ben) #3

If I close it with the X, it does return in 2 minutes. Tested it several times.

(S) #4

It didn’t for me using iOS on several occasions.

(Ben) #5

I’m on Android 7.1.2

(Nigel Tufnel) #6

On iOS the reminder definitely does not return if you tap the X. Not sure if this is an app issue or an Android issue.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #7

I can confirm that the X on Android does not remove it permanently it just come back after 2min.

I Vote for a fix. Please.

(Ben) #8

I found the option to remove the reminder permanently.
But a fix for the X on Android or a third option “Don’t remind me for this event again” would still be nice.

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(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #9

How. Please tell.

(Ben) #10

Open Companion App
Press the three bars (sandwich symbol?)
Press settings
Press Messages
Events -> Reminder -> Never

I’m using german language, so the english terms may differ

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(Ben) #11

Doesn’t work.
Today I did a warmup before ToW Stage 6 and the Reminder poped up every 2 minutes. Annoying :frowning:

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