Third option in Event Reminder in Companion App

I do often warmups before an event which I already locked in and I see the countdown in the left corner of the main screen.
And now every 2 minutes the reminder in companion app pops up and the only 2 choices I have is Join Event and Not Yet. Why not a third choice “Don’t remind me again”?
If I click Not Yet (or the X), after 2 minutes the reminder pops up again.
In a 30 min warmup thats a lot of clicks.
I see the countdown in the main screen, I don’t need a reminder in companion.

If you close the reminder by clicking the X I believe it doesn’t return.

If I close it with the X, it does return in 2 minutes. Tested it several times.

It didn’t for me using iOS on several occasions.

I’m on Android 7.1.2

On iOS the reminder definitely does not return if you tap the X. Not sure if this is an app issue or an Android issue.

I can confirm that the X on Android does not remove it permanently it just come back after 2min.

I Vote for a fix. Please.

I found the option to remove the reminder permanently.
But a fix for the X on Android or a third option “Don’t remind me for this event again” would still be nice.

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How. Please tell.

Open Companion App
Press the three bars (sandwich symbol?)
Press settings
Press Messages
Events -> Reminder -> Never

I’m using german language, so the english terms may differ

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Doesn’t work.
Today I did a warmup before ToW Stage 6 and the Reminder poped up every 2 minutes. Annoying :frowning:

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I agree. When registering for an event there should be a “Do Not Remind Me” option, as well as a, “Stop Reminding Me” option when the reminder pops up.

Please add a “Don’t remind me again” option to the event reminder popup on the Companion.

It’s really irritating to have it keep appearing, even after I’ve tapped “Not Yet”. It appears again after a few minutes, and I need to tap “Not Yet” again. And again.

I’ve got a reminder on screen in the game itself, so I don’t need nor want another one in the Companion, especially when I’m just riding around trying to give out Ride Ons.

This one was particularly annoying as it was for an event I’d already quit. It only stopped appearing once the 30 minute late start window expired.

Click the “X” instead of “NOT YET”.

It still comes back about 90 seconds later…


I’ve tried that. Makes no difference.


That used to work for me. Maybe Zwift changed the behaviour…?

I’m on Android.

The Android UI looks different from iOS, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the behaviour is different.

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Bhaltair is correct that the X used to make the message (in Companion) stop completely. This, unfortunately, was changed in a recent update.

Could be. I’m running ZC on iOS.

I’ll check it again next event. It did work for me on Monday. I think.