Twitch on the Eye Lid⁉️

Hi veterans :hugs: I’ve recently taken up cycling with a smart trainer. It’s been some ten days. In the last three days I’ve got a twitch on my eyelid which goes on periodically all day long. I googled it and found out that sometimes forcing yourself in sports might cause it. I like pushing my boundaries and my boundaries are very low at the moment :sweat_smile: Because of the pandemic I’m reluctant to see a doctor in hospital. So I’m wondering if you’ve ever experienced or heard of something like that. Thank you for your time in advance.

You can try making sure you are adequately replacing your electrolytes.
Make sure you don’t have water in your water bottles.
Use a sport drink or make your own by adding 1/3 tsp of salt (NaCl) and 1/3 tsp salt substitute (KCl) plus 5-7 tsp of sugar.
Flavor as you like but I recommend avoiding the water flavoring products because they also contain artificial sweetener and that makes the mixture too sweet but you get no usable carbs form the artificial sweetener.
I flavor mine with lemon juice.

Also, get a Magnesium supplement (Tablets) and take 1 daily.
This may help.

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I drink regular water on the bike. I didn’t know anything about the importance of sports drinks. I’ll try the recipe you’ve given and also get the magnesium supplement. It’s likely this is the cause of the problem. I’ll inform the results on the forum in a few days. Thank you very much.

Update: With the help of supplements and homemade energy drink twitch has gone. Thank you :+1: