Help - about to quit if this is not resolved

Folks, first of all about my background:

  • beginner, started Nov 2020, average on trainer 130km/week
  • purpose for workout is to lose weight and maintain fitness
  • have floor fan within distance of 1-1.3m blowing to lower part of body, feet area
  • another fan same distance as above but a rotating standing fan blowing to upper part
  • both fan are blowing at the lowest setting, both fan on the left side
  • the room is air conditioned at around 25-26C
  • each ride usually within 1-1:15, max 2:30
  • after ride, took a rest/cool down for 10-15 mins, shirt off
  • take hot shower afterwards
  • usually ride in the evening, ranging from 6-9pm, finished usually around 7-10:30 pm

I have been experiencing a tingling sensation on my shoulder between right chest and arm (the border) few hours after the workout usually by midnight, it is not very bothering in the beginning but lately have been really bothering as I couldnt sleep and have to take pain med in order to sleep. Strangely if I did not take pain killer this sensation went on through the night and went away in the wee hour of morning. I have been to physician and they could not figure out what is wrong except telling me not to point the fan directly to myself. Went to cardiologist and he couldnt find anything wrong too.

I have done the following:

  • turn off the fan altogehter
  • try to ride earlier ie. noon time
  • adjust my seat post closer to handlebar

But the tingling still persist in the evening

I have been contemplating quitting indoor training if I could not figure out what is wrong with me. I do ride outside from time to time but when I go outside, I dont experience this even if I’m riding 50km or 2 hours and more.

Can anyone help me shed a light on what is wrong? Anyone experiencing same symptoms ?Such a waste if I have to drop this because I like zwift and training indoor due to time constraint as the world opens up after the pandemic.

Thank you in advance

Find an experienced bike fitter near you and go see them.


^^^ This. And do go to a proper, fully trained and experienced bike fitter. Not just a guy in a bike shop with a plumb bob and tape measure, or someone who says they can just do it “by eye”.


Precisely - it should be a 2-3 hour process and likely multiple visits.


I’ve had my outdoor bike properly fitted. If i apply the measurement to my indoor bike, you think it would work?

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That would definitely be the first thing I would do.


Thanks, i’ll do it ,lets see if it made any differences


I agree with bike fits but have an additional recommendation.
How are you viewing the game?

I was having neck and shoulder blade discomfort an figured out that although my bike fit was ok, I was stating down at a laptop screen on a stool in front of my bike.
I set a spare TV in front of the bike but higher up (more natural position) and pain went away.
A bike fit may not take into account the direction of your gaze.


The monitor is pretty much eye level in front of a high desk. I dont feel like I have to crane my neck looking at it.

TBH, thought bike fitting only apply when we ride outdoor

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I find outside you move around on the bike a lot more so you can compensate, often without even know it, for any fit issues. Inside you’re in a lot more of a static position for long periods of time and that can really bring out poor fits.


Not at all, and an experienced bike fitter will know all about the additional considerations for a bike that’s fixed into position on a trainer.

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Ok, with all that’s been suggested I’ll give some things you can try until your bike fit.

  1. Are you having to support your upper body by holding your self up at the handlebar ie can you easily take your hands off the bars?

If not, try to adjust your bike to allow a more upright position.
I do this any way for my trainer bike.

You can raise the stem if you have spacers above the stem.
You can flip stem over if it has an angle and is directed down.
Can get a shorter stem.
Can use a head tube extender.

You can move seat forward.

Are your handle bars too wide?
A rule of thumb is hand placement should be about shoulder width.

A good bike fit is important because when you change one thing, it can affect other things.

There’s a lot of assumptions that I have thrown your way and I’m not an expert.
Bike fit topics are a can of worms on the forums and I’m not going to get drawn into a protracted debate.
I like to tinker with things so - there you go.

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This is a shot in the dark because you mentioned going to a Cardiologist, but when you have the pain in the night, does sitting up and leaning forward relieve the pain? Does it get worse when you are lying down? Is your resting HR higher than usual?

Reason I ask is because a few years ago I had unexplained upper body pain that was not figured out by doctors until I had an echocardiogram that revealed a pericardial effusion - that probably started as mild pericarditis. Looking back, the symptoms were not constant, but would flair during and after physical activity - until it really kicked in and became pretty persistent to the point that I went to a doctor.

Don’t want to say this could be it - but what you describe is close enough to what I experienced that I figured it was worth adding here. Best of luck!

I did move my seat forward, didnt seem to affect too much, the rest of your suggestions I have not tinkered with. The handlebar width, i will have a look, but i believe is the same as my outdoor bike. Bringing the indoor bike with fitting result of the outdoor bike to LBS soon, and get them to match the measurements. Hope this work out. Thanks

No pain when sitting up or leaning forward, and only happens in the night when I’m about to go to bed and its not pain, more like tingling and its on the border between my right chest and arm, near armpit.

My RHR is normal too. And this stop after a few days I’m off the trainer. As soon as i train again, the symptom appear and could lasts for couple of nights.

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Agree bike fitter should be first step. You may be putting too much weight handle bars, and or squeezing your shoulder blades and causing nerve inflammation. Just suggestion not medical advice. I had several issues that required bike fit adjustments. Good luck!

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I have had similar sounding stuff with the right upper quadrant. I have a Stages bike so I continue to work on my bike fit. I also have rib on the right side that can become dislocated. I switched to an optical, armband HRM because I wondered if the pressure of the chest strap was causing issues. Between adjusting my trainer and the armband HRM I am not noticing the tingly, electrical shocks I was experiencing. I agree they can be an unnerving experience.

Hi Frances, I do suspect this is the culprit. I have tried to apply measurements of my outdoor bike to my training bike, unfortunately the geometry is different so some measurements are not applicable. I’m skeptic that this will resolve the issue. If not then last resort is to have a thorough bike fit again and spending like $200 to have an entirely new fitting.

Hi David,
Right now I’m using armband hrm. No difference. May I know which part of your stages bike did you adjust the most until your symptoms disappear?

Thank you for all the advice so far. Appreciate it.


It would say easily it would be moving the seat forward that has helped. The height has been more stable because it is easier to see and even measure differences by video recording pedal stroke.

The nearest real bike fitter to me is three hours away. I also, like you, wonder how one would transfer bike fit measurements to an indoor trainer. I have been meaning to write Stages and ask if any fitter is using the Stage bike in their practice.

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Thanks for the reply. The outdoor bike measurement called for the distance between saddle to top tube in which with the indoor bike couldn’t even achieve. It’s like 52 cm on the outdoor bike whereas with the farthest indoor bike max I could move the saddle backwards is like 50cm which I adjusted today anyway.

Just finished riding training for about 1 hour. Let’s see if I still have the symptom. Slight pain at left feet behind the kneecap now :man_facepalming:

Looks like the only solution is another bike fit for the indoor bike.