[tvOS] The december challenge does not show up

I have completed the november challenge, which now sticks to my in game frontpage (see screenshot).

I have already updated Zwift and rebooted my ATV 4K. Nothing have changed. Zwift does not show me the new december challenge, so I am unable to sign up.

EDIT: I have just checked it with the macOS App of Zwift, it shows the same issue as on the Apple TV 4k App.

That is the December Challenge and I think it will remain there until the end of the month.

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Paul it cannot be the december challenge, because I only registered for the november challenge - as far as I know you are not automaticly registered for the next month challenge.

Regardless of whether you signed up, that is definitely the December challenge. The November challenge was for the Movember Foundation.


The November was the Movember 9.9 Mission which was different. This is the December Challenge.

No you are not automatically entered, you need to manually join.

Like these previous missions.


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Thank you guys for your information, maybe it is me, who got bad memory - nevertheless in my opinion it would be nice if completed challenges would disappear from the frontpage.

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