Turn off mini map

Hi, can this be turned off ?


I find it very distracting and personally I don’t have any use for it.



+1…The mini map is very annoying !!! How can it be turned off ?? 

I don’t care for the minimap either but I can see where some might.  You already have the coding for the old style profile, can you just make a 4th option to have that in addition to the three new minimap views?  That should make people who like it and people who don’t like it happy.

BTW, kudos for continuing to update the software and address requests by users.  You’ll never make everyone happy but by adding options to turn on or off different features, you can make the most people happy.

Agree entirely with Kevin Brown.  The new minimap is dreadful.  PLEASE add an option to hide it entirely, or at minimum to make a 4th toggle to revert to the simpler (and far less distracting) old style profile.


ME to. mini map off, I have ride to long on here and know 99.9% of the map.

I can not stand the minimap.  I have no reason to know where the other riders are on the course  the old style was so useful.  the gradient was shown in a size that could actually be seen. it is now so small that i almost need binoculars…  showing the close up of my segment allowed me to know how much more climbing was coming up,so i could pace my climbing effort and not be surprised by sudden changes in the grade.  PLEASE allow us the option of staying with the old style.

I think off is a good option - part of the fun for me is to have an old phone or tablet logged into zwiftgps.com, which makes the minimap unnecessary. 

Hi good people.  I prefer the minimap off.  I can’t even know the gradient now.  How to turn the gradient back on? 

I’m starting to come around - despite my comment above I’d probably leave it on, it’s a bit better for keeping track of the peleton than the symbols on the profile were. 

Anyone from Zwift care to comment ? 

I really find this distracting and would like the option to remove it.



Just to add some balance. I love the mini map but a 4th option to turn it off would satisfy everyone.

Is there an option to change the map view?  If so, what button do I press to do that?

The gradient is on the mini map now. That’s helpful.

@zwift any chance of turning off the mini map please.

I know this is an old thread- but I agree, the mini map is HORRIBLE.  Floods me with information I don’t want or need, and makes the critical elevation information virtually IMPOSSIBLE for me to read. Please bring back the old profile view as an option.

Too much group-think at HQ?  Some of these additions like this map should not have seen the light of day.  Is it because the underlings at HQ do not have a say in what idea is prioritized and staff are required to implement whatever the boss wants?  Are there actual cyclists at HQ testing this stuff before it gets published?  I can’t understand Zwift’s game priorities or the “improvements” that are being published.