Turn headlight off?

Hey All! Been a Zwifter for many years now…and the headlight on my avatar bike (Cervelo S5) is always on. It’s very odd bright light shining on racers in front of me!

Any easy way to totally disable or turn off? Just found ZWIFT CONFIG FILE TWEAKS: 2019 post but it’s really beyond my Windows knowledge.

Any help appreciated!


and just checked - all config settings in my file for headlight are set to 0

If you run in ultra mode there is a headlight effect that causes glare. To turn off the headlight, add the line:
set gHeadlight=0
to the file ultra.txt in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\configs .
You may need to edit the permissions to save the file.

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Thanks James but it’s not glare - on darker roads solo it’s clearly a headlight.

James are correct I ride without the headlight.

Yes it is a headlight that causes the glare. It makes the legs of riders ahead of you bright white and washes out some road signs. Making the change above will turn the headlight off.

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You can also set the headlight intensity to a percentage - (a number between 0 and 1). 25% would be …
set gHeadlightIntensity=0.25

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Thanks again James but I don’t know how to safely edit these files - will just have to live with the glare!