Turn button options at Junctions in Zwift (downhill)

I have a small gripe with the turn buttons options on Zwift.

On a normal flat course and up hill the option to manually alter your course using the buttons by clicking the mouse on them is great. You have plenty of time to reach over a go “click” on which direction you want to go.


Going down the mountains… They come up so quick due to the speed of the downhill 60 - 80 kmh that you hardly get time to reach for the mouse to click on the screen to make your choice before you go past the option to make a turn. (main junction - down Epic KOM towards Jungle turn)

Could it be possible for the turn option to be placed further back from the junction, so that we can, in a state of exhaustion, reach for the mouse and make the decision in time before overshooting the junction and not taking the turn we wished, and having to then make the U turn, pedalling back up the mountain far enough to hit the marker for the turn/junction options, and making another U turn…

I know this is not completely the answer you were looking for but why don’t you use the arrow buttons on the Keyboard?

I cant reach the keyboard as the laptop is too far infront with telly plugged in to it.
Hence the mouse, using wifi, next to bike.
Its just the speed of the descents make the time to react and choose which direction to go so much quicker and you only have a few seconds compared to the flat and up hill options where you can react in normal time.
Hence I’m asking for a longer distance - to give more time to choose your options and click.

You can use the Zwift Companion App to make the manual turns.

But I do agree, some of the turns can come a little fast.

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I also recommend the Companion app. I have my phone mounted on my handlebars and use it like a remote control.