Navigating while riding

(Torgeir Hasaas) #1

I am a new Zwift user, and while I do enjoy it quite a bit I have a few things i’d like to se improved:

Menu navigation : So far, youre dependent on knowing the shortcut keys. Why not implement ordinary UI buttons for all functions

Navigation while riding : When approaching splits in the road, you get a choice. Two small squares, one with a (for example) a house and the other with a river. This gives me nothing. Give us a birds-eye\3D map of some sort, that shows that going right takes you to the mountainous course, while right gives you a flat, speedy course. 

Yesterday I did the 6k climb up the mountain in Watopia, and while approachin g the summit I had the timer appear, showing that I had the opportunity to get a good time on the leaderboards. So I started pedaling like mad. At the same time, I had a split in the road coming up with a choice preselected. “It must be preselected to go to the end of the segment Im timed on” I assumed. WRONG!

So, with 300m left to the goal (I could not see the banner) I turned off the KOM course.

The anger. The disappointment. The pain. 


The bottom line: More information in all aspects, while riding and before/after!

(su bin) #2

The same experience

(Rene Saarsoo) #3

True, I’ve experienced exactly the same on the mountain. And the same feelings. The system should be aware of the course I’ve selected.