TSS and Average Power


is it possible to show up the TSS points of the actual ride? 

also it will be very useful to show up the avg power in workout mode for the actual intervall. 


+1 is there a calculation at this point that can convert the ride points into a rough TSS for the ride.  You know our FTP… a TSS shouldn’t be that difficult to calculate.

On screen TSS would be appreciated

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Training Stress Score, or TSS, is a registered trademark of Training Peaks Inc. You have to get licensed permission to use that name. However, as far as I understand, the actual algorithm behind calculating this value is not patented nor is it a trade secret so anyone is free to use this as long as they don’t call it TSS without permission.

I created a Windows Phone app that analyzes your Strava data and I calculate TSS but I call it “Training Load”.

Yes please.  I need to see running tss while training. 

This would be a very handy feature

It would be nice to see TSS on web page (to compute ATL/CTL “at home”). Currently it is reported only on workout summary page…