Trouble with GTX 1660Ti GPU

Has anyone else had problems with the GTX 1660Ti card when running Zwift?

I have had a number of instances now of the image breaking up progressively and ending with alternating green, blue, red, white, black panels on the screen, or the two blocks as seen in the linked video

I think the GPU is faulty, but it is chugging through a stress test at the moment and has not failed

Running the game at Ultra settings to a 1920x1080 monitor,with 2x & 4x DSR factors turned on in Nvidia


Looks to me more like a failing monitor or a bad cable. Typically video cards break up into dots or blocks and/or fail completely crashing the system. In my experience I haven’t seen parts of the image flashing in incorrect positions when a graphics card fails.

You could try it without DSR to reduce VRAM usage and GPU heat to see if it makes a difference. Otherwise, test with a different monitor and then a different cable.

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Thanks - i will try it with a HDMI cable rather than the DVI cable i am using, and turn off DSR

What windows are you running? Windows 10 Pro?

Yes, that is correct

I actually just bought a CPU with that graphics card and LOVE it.
I currently use a 4K sony tv for my monitor and the card seems to work splendidly.
I use HDMI cable to the TV.

I cant run my application. I keep having patching error. Did yours just startup without issues?

Yes, no problem starting

After a lot of testing, it seems the monitor was the problem - Hopefully it will be refunded rather than replaced under warranty, so i can get a 4K TV!