Trouble shifting gears using Wahoo Kickr

I just set up my new Wahoo Kickr. I noticed that when I shifted gears that it sounded a bit clunky. The chain sounded like it was rubbing. Is this usual? Should I just leave it in one gear as I ride?

Have you tried adjusting the barrel adjuster on your read derailleur to make sure the chain is lining-up with the cassette gears?

If you ride Zwift using a workout plan, then you actually don’t need to shift gears for the most part because the Kickr will adjust the resistance for you.  However, if you plan on just riding the course, you’ll want to shift like you would in real life.

Thank you for sharing the video, Todd. I ended up taking my bike and the Kickr to my local bike shop. The technician installed a spacer in the cassette on the Kickr. This helped minimize the difficulty shifting gears. He also showed me how to make adjustments to the barrel adjuster, if I need to do that. 

I did my first extended ride on Zwift today and was very pleased with the experience.