Bike not changing into top gears

Hi there

Tried the wahoo kickr V5 today for the first time . Was a great experience.

The bike doesn’t change into the top 2 gears. I have a polygon Stratton S5 with the shimano 11 speed 105 group set

Any ideas?


You may need to add or change a spacer under the cassette and/or adjust the rear derailleur to work with the cassette on the trainer. The ideal outcome is to use spacers under the cassette (if needed) to position it in the same place on the trainer (in relation to the bike frame) as it is on your rear wheel. If you achieve that then no adjustment will be necessary. It’s also possible to have shifting problems if the trainer’s cassette is significantly different in gearing from the cassette on your rear wheel, if the chain is too short or too long for the gearing on the cassette. Using the same cassette on the trainer as you use on the rear wheel can eliminate that possibility.

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