Wahoo Kickr Core with Zwift - Chain Rub!

I have just attempted to setup my Cannondale CX on my Wahoo Kickr Core for the first time and initially tried to get it to work on a 130mm adapter. The frame would not sit flush so turned the provided adapter to 135mm and sat first time round.

Next I tried to pedal - on the front derailleur there is chain rub and on the cassette there is chain rub noise and vibration in the lower gears.

The cassette is a new Shimano 105 11/32 11s cassette which is identical to my rear wheels and the bike was recently serviced with no reported issues with the chain and derailleurs.

I assume indexing is required for the rear derailleur but should I really have to re-index/reposition the front derailleur as well?

Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated