Trek Update in garage

When is Zwift finally going to update Trek bikes in the garage? You keep adding lesser known brands. You’ve updated most of the Specialized bikes! And I know they are a major supporter of Zwift.
So where are the updates to the Emonda, from SL to SLR? And how about the new Madone? You have just about every other companies top lines in the garage, why not Trek?
I think it’s time for an update please!

Perhaps an agreement between Zwift and Trek can’t be reached. No doubt there’s a financial agreement to feature Trek bikes.

That agreement may well have ended.

I noticed the Merida Scultura was removed as well - Matej Mohorič had that one in Zwift. It would have been nice to see it become available to everyone. :frowning: Radio silence whenever it is mentioned though. :wink:

I did get a few images of it when I was watching him ride up the Epic KOM (reverse) and radio tower climb at a simply crazy speed, astonishing power numbers and quite low heart rate. He was comfortably holding 345w up the epic KOM then over 450w up the radio tower climb. :exploding_head:

Difference between those guys and us mere mortals.

That’s nothing special. I can hold over 450w on the radio tower.

Oh hang on you mean he did that all the way up and not for 3 seconds?

Yes elite level riders are something special.

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Sounds like nothing is coming; hopefully by the very end of the year we’ll have heard… something.

It is quite sad though as the latest road frames we have on Zwift are now… actually getting to be quite outdated.