New bike brands

Hello! Just want to ask if other bike brands such as Merida, Argon, Bianchi, and etc. can be included soon or is there plans for some to be added?

Would love to see those fantastic bikes along with all the wonderful bikes we have as of now.


They will not get added unless there is an agreement in place, so make sure you also contact those manufacturers.

Part of the issue at present is Zwift Insider carefully tests everything, and most bikes don’t make any performance sense given the results. IRL there’s no absolute scale of bike performance: there’s more subjective criteria like fit, handling, stiffness, durability, etc. I’d like to see how many of each existing bike or wheelset get purchased. Some are really rare. Specialized and Cervelo are ubiquitous, plus the Tron bike, which I sort of view as unfortunate.