Bike, Manufacturer Request?

Would it be possible to create the Merida brand, mainly their Scultura (climbing) and the Reacto (Aero)?

Next to Giant, I believe Merida is the next largest bike manufacturer, though i might be wrong.

Make sure you also contact Merida since they would have a say in if their bikes are included within Zwift.


Based on what? Just curious because they’d never have been a brand I’d have picked out as big. (And that’s based purely on my own exposure to brands, so biased towards my personal experience.)

From reading online.
Merida also owns something like 49% of Specialized as well as manufacturing their frames or so I can gather.

They own 49% of Specialized IIRC. But that makes them a big company, not so much a big brand (in terms of recognition) I think.


Got the pro team Bahrain Merida, before that it was Lampre Merida. So they are up there with the other known manufacturers.

Yeah but again, loads of bike manufacturers sponsor Pro Tour teams. They can’t all be the second largest, so in itself it doesn’t mean much. =)

Obviously, my viewpoint is skewed by my location. I almost never see Merida bikes on the roads around here. More likely to see Giant, Trek, Canyon, Specialized etc. Even Cube and Ribble (OK, Ribble are based 20 miles away, so that’s likely a factor).

They might well be the second largest, I’m not claiming otherwise. Just it’s a surprising brand to me to take that position. =)

Dunno why they don’t seem to feature in my locale though. There are loads of dealers within 250km:


Maybe I see them and they just don’t register. OTOH, there are none within 25km. =)

Obviously dont know Zwift’s strategy in regards to brands in the Drop Shop.
But one thing I am sure of, is that the brands pay to have their goods on Zwift.
Someone from Merida marketing would have to sit down with Zwift. Since Merida isnt already available in the Drop Shop, its likely because they are yet to have that talk… or they could not agree on terms.
Just speculating ofcourse.

Well I contacted Merida UK and they have passed it over to the Merida marketing dept.
It’s up to them now to decide.

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