Please ad a bianchi bicycle

I am a real Bianchi enthousiast… so I would love to ride a Celeste Bianchi on Zwift…
To be honest, some nice things were shown on Bianchi’s this year in de different races (Groenewegen, Roglic, …), so they certainly deserve a place on Zwift.

I agree!! Please I want to have my real bike (oltre XR) in Zwift!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Contact Bianchi. It’s their move to advertise/show their bikes on Zwift. That’s how we got Diamondback and a few more here. Is there a particular model you would want to purchase/ride?

Agreed! I own a Sprint and it would be lovely to see a range of high end bikes (Oltre/Infinito/Specialissima) and mid models like mine.
Also in the gravel and mountainbike department they stepped up their game! That new Zolder frame is just beautiful.

Haha I’m just gonna e-mail the USA branch I guess. This game needs celeste!

Yes please!! Only reason I signed up to this forum was to make this request! Glad i’m not the only one! :slight_smile: Bianchi Aria for me as an Aria owner, but would also love to see the Oltre and Aquila! :+1:

As long as Bianchi doesn’t advertise in the shop, you can spray your default Zwift bike. The main colour will still be white but the striping can be set to celeste with the spraying can.

E-mailed HQ and USA office on Tuesday. You can only ask! Hehe

Did you write to Bianchi?

Yes. Still waiting on a response. Probably thinking I’m nuts (which is true).
If I’m not mistaken… there is only 1 Italian bike company in the game? + Campagnolo tyres
That shouldn’t be. Bianchi must be in the game. Same for Colnago, Wilier and of course Merckx cycles.

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Still no answer. Safe to say that the request got ignored haha :slight_smile: