Bike Frame Add: LOOK cycles

I saw a request in here asking for bianchi. Similar request, integrate Look’s bikes.

They have an aero bike: the 795 blade
and a climbing specific bike: the 785 huez rs

They look really cool especially with those corima wheels.

I’m also a little biased. Because it’s the bike I ride outdoors, and I thought it would be cool to virtually ride the same bike. Figured that’s where most of these suggestions stem from. Thank you for your time. Give them a look :wink:

You will also need to contact LOOK Cycles since there will be licencing involved in getting the frame in Zwift.

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Thanks Paul - Not sure how much weight we have as the consumer on here, but I took note of the bianchi thread, and I sent Look a “Customer Support” request from their brand website. Guess it’s in the hands of the B2B now.


Bumping this for the Zwift Team :slight_smile: