Cube Litening C68X SL ==> add to garage please

I really would like to be able riding my new Cube litening C68X SL not only in real life but also in Zwift! I know there is the old Cube Litening included in Zwift, but this is a completely different oldfashioned bike compared to the new Litening.

Zwift is it possible to add this bike please?

Thank you, greetings Martin B.

Thank you all for voting and supporting this!
Hope Zwift will add the bike :slight_smile:
Greetings Martin B. (Prideracer)

Did you also contact the manufacture? Zwift is not going to put it in-game without their permission.

Yes, i also contacted Cube company, i think if zwift adds that bike, it will be also e benefit for Cube company :slight_smile:

I´m still hoping to see my new litening in the Zwift garage soon, Zwift please!? :smiley:

Again, Zwift is not going to put their bike in-game without their input and permission.

Paul and you think Cube doesn´t give their permission? Do you know that, or why are you repeating this, …i can´t imagine that any bike manufacturer has a problem to give their bikes into the zwift garage, it´s best promotion you can have!

If Zwift had their permission (well, it could also take some $$) it would be in-game.