Hed and trek

So, Trek produced a snazzy new Madone Bike with cut out seat tube with improved aerodynamics and made it more aero n faster.

Also HED have just produced the new Hed Jet 180 a disc wheel with a hole in it. Suposed to be the fastest wheel on the market , even though it might not be UCI legal yet.

Are we going to see these items in the Garage any time soon .:+1: :grin:

I don’t work for Zwift but imagine there’s a lot of licensing negotiation that goes on between Zwift and manufacturers in order to get their stuff into the game…and they likely pay for that privilege.

Ngl, this is an area I’d probably be fine with micro-transactions, provided they weren’t ridiculous. “$1 a bike” - let me buy my own real-world bike. (2022-2023 Checkpoint SL 5 gravel bike in Satin Mercury, if Zwift HQ/Trek are listening) Zwift has always said the game will NEVER be “pay to win” so I can see them being cautious about introducing anything equipment with huge performance advantages.

Really though: it seems nearly random what gets added to the game, and that’s been the case for years. I don’t see any one request getting actioned unless there’s a major change with how Zwift HQ develops content and enters into licensing agreements.

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