Treadmill size & moving it


I’m thinking about buying a threadmill with bluetooth so it can sync with Zwift however i live in an apartment about 80m2 in size.

My question is it easy to disassemble and move around? As it will mostly stay in the living room, however on some ocassions i might have to move it another room (bedroom or 2nd guestroom) however the entrance to my living room is about 80cm (31 inches) wide and looking at different threadmills they are too wide.

I understand that every model has different set-up/take-down instructions but is it in general easy or is it a complicated project to do so? I really want to set up a threadmill but if it’s such an issue with it being too big then i might abandon it.

In a word no. They generally can be moved around in the same room but it’s far from ideal to consider moving one from room to room on a regular basis.