Training speed doesn't make sense

From what I read, I shouldn’t focus too much on speed but…

I’m new to Zwift and only finished some test rides. When doing a ride in ‘training mode’, I’ve noted that after a short period of time my speed drops to 10km/h and below and stays there. Watts and cadence seems to be alright. Although it’s the watts that counts, it’s very annoying when Zwift says “spins lower”, and my on screen persona comes to an actual stop when doing so, because I’m already almost standing still.

I’m not sure if timelines are publicly accessible, but let’s try:

zwift .com/activity/771931554133190816 → after 6-7 minutes
zwift .com/activity/773412650987963072 → after 5-6 minutes
zwift .com/activity/772688809123624352 → after 7 minutes

I’m having no issues when freewheeling during a normal route, it’s only during the training sessions that this issue occurs. Am I missing something (some settings, or is this normal?)?

I’m using a Kickr Core hooked up to a Macbook. I’ve done multiple spindowns, both in Wahoo app and in Zwift. Also switched between ergo mode on/off.

Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 01.21.22

hi, try to select a flat course for an easy workout like this. Going 100w up a hill would be like standing still, which explains the issue that you are reporting. 100 rpm at 100w? my knees hurt just thinking about it

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