Issues with speed drop-off

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having this ongoing issue with my speed dropping off and not recovering for several minutes, sometimes spiking afterwards. I have a Wahoo Kickr Core connecting via Bluetooth and using a Microsoft Surface laptop. Watts and cadence do not have an issue, only speed. I’ve removed and re-installed the program several times. Anyone experience this issue? Thank you!

Photos below are of my Wahoo app and other image is during the game.

Look at your Zwift screenshot. You’re climbing at 8% uphill at 111watts, and so Zwift has you going slowly (7kmh)

The Wahoo app just assumes you’re riding on a flat road.

That’s why you have different speeds. The ‘spiking afterwards’ will be when you finish climbing at the top of the hill and fly down the other side at 75kmh.


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for the same power output you will go slower uphill and quicker downhill.

Thanks to both of you for your reply. I actually had not noticed the grade which explains this particular case. However, I have the same issue when riding on a flat surface where the speed will spike upwards and downwards for no reason. This screenshot was just a bad example. I will post again next time I Zwift to see if we can come up with any more troubleshooting solutions. Thank you!

There’s also draft dynamics in Zwift so that could be the difference in speed on the flats (drafting while someone is passing you, or while you’re passing or following someone etc).