Faster than normal speeds

Hello I’m using a wahoo kickr. It’s properly calibrated and I have the Trainer difficulty set to max. Outdoors I average about 16mph but in all my zwift rides I have been averaging 20-21mph. I used a Tacx vortex and the same speeds occurred. I did a flat ride using the wahoo app and my average speed was normal (about 16mph). Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?

During your outdoor rides you have to slow for turns, have stop signs and have to deal with traffic.

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Nope my rides are on long roads with no stops. ( I live out In The country)

I experience the same, I think Zwift want to purposefully flatter their users :slight_smile: Either the roads have an impossibly low CRR or there’s a perennial tailwind on Zwift, because I find it absurd to be doing 33-34 km/h with 160 W, even with no to little drafting.

I have a Kickr as well. My outdoor rides are slower than the ones I do on the Kickr with Zwift. I think this is because what Paul says.Traffic lights, other people and cars. My average on Zwift is a little higher which is explainable. 

Strange thing that the Wahoo app shows “normal” speed in your setup.

You must submit a ticket so Zwift can investigate your issue.

I didn’t think it is related to the traffic or stop lights as my dad has the same issue. Salvatore do your rides include stops or no?

Also remember Zwift has no wind. 

Don’t focus on the speed and distance in zwift.  I always separate my vr miles and my on road miles.


Instead focus on the following

Power output (virtual or actual)

Heart rate for stress scores tss training - go to training peaks and setup an account



But overall focus on the quality of session and stick to training plan

Mindless pedaling on zwift while may be fun on the kickr won’t really help you in the off season. 

Reilly, I just responded to your ticket so we can continue working with you there. My current theory is that this may be due to ANT+ signal dropouts, and we’ll go from there.