Same Speed Whether Climbing or Descending

Third season using Zwift using a Kinetic Road Machine w/InRide 3 smart sensor, Windows 10 PC with an Ant+ dongle on an extender cable to my sensor and a Wahoo HR belt. I had completed 2 laps of the Volcano Circuit (about 7mi) at 20+mph average and turned off the course to see some different scenery. It wasn’t long before I noticed my speed seemed to settle in at 14-15mph regardless of whether my power was 285W or 125W, whether I was climbing at 5% or descending at 7%, my speed never got any higher or lower than 14-15mph. Until this ride, I had never had this problem with speed. Any ideas what might be causing this issue? Thanks! Andy

Hi @ATaylor, welcome to the forums.

This is the U turn bug, been going on for a few weeks now…

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