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Hi, sorry if this is a repeated topic but I can’t find anything concrete. So I’m doing the FTP builder training plan and was surprised to see that while training, gradient percentage doesn’t affect the difficulty. I have my trainer difficulty slider set to max but am using a mtb on the trainer with a 34t chain ring. So without the trainer getter harder, reaching 300+ Watts means I have to be up at 115 cadence. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but no sure what.

Check that you have ERG mode enabled. With ERG it doesn’t matter what gear or what cadence you pedal the watts are controlled as specified. Gradient doesn’t affect workout mode.

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Neil is correct, while in the workout you need to turn ERG on.

Press the up key on the Keyboard or tap on the screen to open the onscreen menu.

Or on the companion app tap on the incline button that will turn ERG on.

If your trainer does not have ERG then you can use the incline button to increase the resistance.

OK thanks guys. I’ll try it later on

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