Training plan lost??

I was two weeks into the FTP builder plan and after today’s update when I logged it was gone. Its acting like I’m not enrolled?!?!? Any help to get this fixed or recover my progress??

Eight weeks into Build Me Up, and I was dropped from my plan as well.

Well what a bunch of crap.


Hey all, can you send us a support ticket? We are collecting these cases for investigation, and we’ll need to ask a few questions. Thank you for being patient with us! 

I have opened a ticket. Is this a known widespread issue then?

I’ve just opened a ticket also. 

Just because support asked me, Shaun did you change your display name? I did

I didn’t.

I didn’t change my display name. 

although when linking to zwift power I had to change it temporarily and then change it back. But I rode the training program after the account was linked and there was no issue. I didn’t ride yesterday (legs were begging me to take a day off!), so it was between Wednesday morning and this morning.