Training Peaks Custom Workout has dissapeared

I use training peaks to download my workouts and upload. I cannot see this now it was there two days ago?

Assuming you had one lined up for today, it might be because there was a short Training Peaks downtime earlier today.

Edit - first part of paragraph was me thinking you had a TP workout set up for today but on rereading I’m not sure if you just meant the download of the Zwift activity into TP. Either way, the downtime might have affected you. For the record, I could see my planned workout at 0600 BST, and it downloaded successfully to TP at 0700. According to TP on twitter, they finished at around 0400.

David I cannot see any of my custom workout that I have downloaded from TP into Zwift I have tried everything. Clearing Cache, re-connecting etc to no avail very frustrating!!!