Trainer Resistance | Trainer Difficulty too low, Simulation and ERG mode do not adjust resistance [January 2023]

Thanks Mike, I am using ANT+ dongle. I will do some more testing after work tomorrow evening and report back.

@Richard_Barnhill Would it be possible for you to verify ERG mode is working when the KICKR v5 is connected over Bluetooth? That would help to isolate the issue as ANT+ related (and not something related to the game logic). If ERG mode does not work over Bluetooth, then that also helps us to search for the reported issue.

For others reporting trainer issues, it can be very helpful to provide us more information about the issue:

  • Trainer manufacturer and model
  • Connection to trainer (ANT+ or Bluetooth or network connection)
  • If Bluetooth connection, was it through Zwift Companion?
  • Device running the Zwift game (and the OS version of the device)
  • Device (if any) running Zwift Companion

KICKR 5, ANT +, MacBook MACOS 12.6, IPhone.

Ok, I have an interesting finding…

If I try ANT + on my PC, no ERG.

If I try Bluetooth on my PC, no ERG.

If I switch to force the Bluetooth to run through my Pixel 3A, then ERG starts working!

However, here is the funky part…

If I go back into Pairing and switch from “Bluetooth in Companion” to “Bluetooth in the PC”, ERG still works, but if I disable Bluetooth on my Phone while in the workout, then ERG turns off. So, it is odd because I asked Bluetooth to start routing through my PC, but it looks like it sort of holds on to the phone, allowing ERG to work - until I hard cut the connection.

Anyway, looks like the root of the issue is with the connection to the PC, so that is a step forward!


Erg mode dont work
Neo Т2800
running on a Windows 10 PC
ANT+ connection to trainer


2 Kickrs in da house - ERG dead

1 V5 tried - the daughter tried BLE/ANT+ same result.
1 '18 tried BLE and ANT+ - tried exiting workout and entering mid ride. Tried starting from menu workout screen.

Both WIN10PC’s

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Same here no Erg Taxc and Mac

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This update nerds fixing quick or rolling back, anyone wanting to do a workout won’t be able to.


But…it’s almost the weekend?!

Remember last time when there were holidays and they were not able to fix the achievement banner bug?


I’m another with ERG issues:

  • Zwift running on Windows 10 PC
  • Tacx Neo (latest firmware 0.2.1/0.7.4/0.8.4)
  • Connected via ANT+ (Tacx USB ANT+)
  • Don’t use the companion app
  • ERG mode ON
  • Neo connected and showing as controllable, cadence and power

Been running the same setup for years, and have done the same workout programme for the past 3 weeks, only change seems to be the Zwift upgrade (which Zwift forced at the start of my workout). Resistance doesn’t noticeably change, detected power level will vary from 80-110 depending on cadence (70-90). Workout requires a power increase, but ERG mode doesnt seem to ‘engage’

you forgot to add removal of working erg mode!

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@Zwift: You should stop delivering this update immediately! It seems that ERG mode is broken and thus workouts won’t work.

How can I prevent an Update on PC?


shitty update erg wis not working anymore!

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hello everyone, this morning I updated the PC and ERG MODE no longer works with Zwift. I had to manage power training with Garmin 530. Could this be the solution? to force the installation of the Ant+ Driver? thank you

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As of today’s patch, the Trainer Difficulty slider appears to make zero change on my KickrBike.

And it no longer tilts on the inclines due to difficulty seemingly at 0%

Tried resetting all ANT+ sensors; but… no fix.

This also means ERG doesn’t even work.
How can you push a patch for a workout program and … you can’t even do a workout on it?


I have a same problem too

Hi all! @Jonathan_Landry_JZQC , welcome to the Forums!

I want to make sure that your trainers or smart bikes have met these conditions:

  • You are paired as Controllable over bluetooth or ANT+ FE-C
  • Your gradient simulator is unlocked (the LED below the gearing indicator on the Kickr bike is illuminated)

ERG mode should not be affected by trainer difficulty setting, so this may be an issue related to Controllable connection or a specific trainer issue. If you are on PC or Mac, feel free to delete both prefs.xml and knowndevices.xml to restore Zwifts’ connection to your trainer to the default settings. This should clear up any remaining issues if the above conditions are met.

It was all working just fine yesterday.

Just as this appears; all ANT+ FEC

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I’m not sure how I can prove that ERG isn’t working, but… .again… Literally all of this worked just fine before today’s patch.

my Kickr has never just let me chill out at high 80 RPM outside of the ERG preset like the attached image shows.

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