Trainer difficulty slider not working

Tacx Neo 2T, apple TV, 11-34 cassette. Have trainer difficulty set to 75 per cent. About a week ago I noticed I wasn’t needing to shift. Checked TD and still at 75%.

Unplugged trainer and restarted apple tv. Set TD to max today. Was able to ride up Alpe du Zwift in large front ring and 4 highest rear gear. By that i mean 4th smallest rear gear. Never had to shift the whole ride. Averaged around 200w (2.0 w/kg)

I only ride the world pre defined routes. i’ve never done training programs or erg mode.

Took me about 1 hr 38 mins so there is resistance it is just normalized. When I transitioned from the 8 per cent to 13 per cent inclines did not require a gear change! Something is wrong not sure if the program or the trainer…?

I assume you calibrated your trainer? When you stay in teh same gear does your speed and cadence change?

Hi Bob,

The Tacx Neo 2T does not require calibration.

Also the power would change if I increase effort or decrease effort…it’s just that the change is minimal considering the inclines.

On the Alpe I’d say I averaged 200 watts per segment during the first 13 segments. But during those segements the actual watt meter might range anywhere from 175 to 230 watts.

When I hit a segment where the incline went from 7% to like 13 percent I would not need to change gear at all. There was no real difficulty increase like I have been use to. It was like the trainer was acting like it was on a minimum trainer difficulty setting when in fact it was on max.

Also my cadence stayed around 75-90 the whole time as well…even on those big incline parts…

I check the TD level before and after the ride and it was set to max. And I’ve had this problem for about a week. Before this I had TD set at around 75 per cent and even a small incline change from say 0 per cent to 3 per cent would cause me to make a couple shifts and I could feel my cadence go down.

I believe I have verified there is a bug on Apple TV where the trainer difficulty slider is not working correctly. When on max it is not applying correct resistance.

I have further verified this today by riding the same route on different devices. I have a Tacx Neo 2T with an 11-34 cassette. Today I rode the Richmond 2015 UCI Worlds Course. I had my Trainer difficulty set to max and I did not change it during this test.

I first rode on Apple TV using Zwift version 1.0.54684

I had the same issue that I created this thread about. Inclines are not requiring me to down shift. Even on the big inclines on the back half of the route I did the whole route in the same gear. Even jumps to 6 or 10 per cent inclines are not forcing me to change gears. I was on my big ring in front and on my fourth smallest(By size) ring in back.

I then Immediately rode on my iphone using Zwift version 1.0.53416

I have an older version of Zwift on my iphone because I never use it to do rides on. But on the same Richmond course, the trainer difficulty still on max…totally different. Trainer difficulty is working correctly. Even a 2 percent incline I can feel the resistance and then on the hills I had to shift all the way thru all my gears on my big front ring and then went to my smaller front ring and used up most of those rear gears. I could feel the resistance come on strongly as it should and then when I crested hills it released as it should and I had to go back to the big front ring and run up my gears.

So I do believe there is some kind of bug on the current Apple TV version…i don’t want to update my iphone version because I am afraid I would then possibly have the same problem on my iphone.

Maybe Zwift can look at my ride logs from today and find out anything?

Do you actually have the Neo paired as ‘Controllable’ in Zwift? I use a Neo and ATV and everything works just fine.

Yes I have it paired as controllable. I’ve had this tacx Neo 2T and Apple TV setup working since Feb with no issues. Have done about 4k miles. I’ve unselected it and reselected it…no change. I then also unplugged my neo and unplugged my ATV and restarted. No change.

This problem just surfaced in the last couple weeks.

and I just confirmed that my neo works fine via iphone with an older zwift version. I’m going to try the current zwift version on my ipad tomorrow to see the result.

Another point is that current Apple TV version is actually one version behind the current Zwift version because they usually release the ATV version later.

So I had a new idea to try. I decided to delete Zwift from my Apple TV apps and reinstall the app.

After I did this it fixed the issue!! Now trainer difficulty is working correctly on Apple TV for me. I only checked it briefly but on a hill that goes up to 7 per cent incline but the resistance was immediate and strong as it should be with TD to max. I could use my gears. I will do a full ride tomorrow but I’m confident things are working as they should now.

But…the version I had the issue on was Apple TV version 1.0.54684 and when I reinstalled the app it was now the current version 1.0.55226…I guess the Apple TV version of 1.0.55226 just dropped last few hours??

So not sure if the fix was the new version or that by deleting and reinstalling I removed some corrupted data variable somewhere…