Trainer difficulty keyboard shortcuts

Hi there,
a bit of context: I am using a no-gear bike (Bodytone DS60), which is like riding a fixie into Watopia. If I want to simulate gearing, I play with the trainer difficulty control. This proves to be a bit tricky while doing an effort, as you have to select Menu/Settings and then adjust the scroll bar… not easy.

For those of us in such situation, which I believe will be a increasing portion of your customer base, I would suggest setting up simple key shortcuts. That would be an effective way to “adjust gears” amd that would greatly improve the user experience of us fixie-riders.

Hope this makes sense.

I assume you are in a free ride workout?

you can use the ± keys or the incline button on the companion app. (This is for workouts)

EDIT: I did not read the Trainer difficulty part. So my comment is for workouts only.

But a virtual gear change will be awesome for single speed bikes.

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Hi Gerrie. I am doing standard rides and TdeZ kinda things. Haven’t tried workouts yet, but I guess that is the idea.

I came here to post this same thing. I find I can’t even keep up to C. Cadence one we reach a downhill, they are gone, despite me being able to easily double the power output up hills. I try to manually change the intensity, but by the time I do, the group is gone.