Virtual speeds - for track bikes / single speed


I have a track bike with a smart trainer (Kickr Snap), and it would be great for me if Zwift have virtual speed to change the trainer difficulty while I ride. Since, my bike is single speed it is too easy on flat road, and too hard on the mountains.

I use other softwares like HurtsErgo to easly adjust the trainer difficulty with +/- buttons, and there is a similar system in the Zwift training mode so I guess it would be easy to add that in the main “race” mode. Like every speed add around 10% of trainer difficulty so I can ride with others…



Hi Edern, 

IF you pair your smart trainer as a Controllable Trainer as well, it’ll control the resistance! 

great request,

would be useful for other situations. like if you want to use lower gears to keep noiselevels down but stll be able to feel the terrain.

trainer difficulty setting already helps to even out downhills/hills so the road appears more/less flat.

add a feature to:

increase / decrease  resistance in normal sim mode  (like you can on workouts) but  resistance should add to/subtract from the terrains gradient.  like virtual gears. 



There is slider for “trainer difficulty” (when paired with smart trainer). It will limit “maximal” values.
But there isn’t any setting to set “minimal” value (in the mean of slope) and it seems to be useful. I dislike “support” of the Neo on step downhills (it is quite noisy and no profits from it).
By the way, slope has no effect when in ERG mode.