Change gearing (virtually)

Is there a way to change the perceived gearing on Zwift?
I am new to Zwift, just started, and really like it. But my bike is set up for where I ride (Denmark), so really flat. So my lowest gear is 39/23, that gets pretty rough on the mountains in Zwift.
So given that it’s all just an electronic representation of what’s going on, on the bike. Can you change how it interprets your gearing for instance a virtual compact crankset or something along those lines?

Yes, if you change the trainer difficulty it will help with this. If you set it lower you won’t feel the full effect of hills.

What trainer are you using?

Thank you so much, happy to hear. The difficulty is that the +and- on the bottom of the screen?
My trainer is an elite direto xrt, if that matters.

No. It’s a menu setting.

Have a read of this. It explains all.

What’s the Best Zwift Trainer Difficulty Setting for Zwifters? | Zwift Insider.

I had the same issue using my MTB on the trainer was spinning like crazy on the flats.
Ended up buying the QZ app in the Play store and it allows you to virtually change your gearing on the fly through the app. It’s now made riding Zwift possible for me

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